Woman Overhears A Conversation Between Two Strangers And Writes A Thank You Note

A woman named Hannah was on her regular train after visiting her grandmother when she overheard two men having a conversation. It wasn’t entirely unexpected for people to talk politely to one another, but the fact that they had been complete strangers just minutes before, she was stunned. Their conversation was the typical “nice weather”. These men were speaking as if they had been friends for decades, laughing and sharing without a care in the world.

She began writing a heartfelt note to the men and explained that her day job revolves around helping people who suffer from loneliness. She hoped she would hear back, but if anything, she wanted them to know how much she appreciated their open and accepting manner while out in public.…incredibly, he responded! It turns out, her letter hadn’t been the first time someone had noticed his behavior that day, and he wanted to share his experience!

He’d already been interviewed that morning after stopping to give a bit of cash to a homeless person. Now, he’d been noticed spreading cheer and happiness on the train.

The man, and 63 years young, had discovered what life was about. Life wasn’t about being the best or having expensive items, life was about making other people smile.

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