Woman Outraged When Airline Refuses To Seat Her Giant Emotional Support Peacock

There is a wide range of reasons for animals to be let onto planes, but where do airlines draw the line? A seeing-eye dog seems fair, and many will agree that therapy dogs or animals that alert their human to an impending medical emergency can literally save lives…but what about peacocks? Apparently, United Airlines drew the line at this giant feathered support animal. Its human had purchased a seat with his name on it, but the airline wasn’t budging. Dexter the giant emotional support peacock was denied a seat on his flight. Dexter lives in Brooklyn with his human, an artist. After trying to purchase two seats on an airline, his human gave up and instead decided to turn their trip to Newark into a road trip. They abandoned the airline and their story spread quickly.

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This is getting out of hand,” one comment read.

People were confused as to why the woman thought this would be even remotely alright. The general response from people who read the story was confusion. They could understand dogs that alerted people to a medical emergency. They could understand animals that helped people with PTSD, or dogs that helped their humans with physical disabilities navigate the world…but a peacock?

Many people wanted to know where the peacock had been trained as a support animal. Others wanted to know where its badges and vest was. Mostly, people just weren’t comfortable with the possibility of flying next to a giant, potentially untrained bird.

Would YOU have flown next to Dexter?

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