Woman Lost Engagement Ring In The Sea, But Neighbors Find It The Next Week!

Jen went through something that seems to happen only in romantic comedies, but as she remembers it, the beginning was the absolute worst part of all of it. Not knowing what would happen next and fearing the worst…well, we just hope that her story is the last one like it!

My engagement ring slipped off my finger and fell in the sea. I will remember the sight of it falling into the surf for the rest of my life; it was such an awful feeling.

Having run straight into the Irish Sea (in October) and scrambling around on my hands and knees for almost an hour, I was feeling so angry with myself and sad that I’d lost such a special thing. I posted about the loss on the local community Facebook page but didn’t hold out much hope that the ring would ever turn up. Ed and I hunted almost constantly whenever the tide was out for the rest of the day but we had no luck…

Here is the lovely part: kind strangers and local angels started getting in touch to say that they had metal detectors, shovels or just keen eye sight. We had sweet, reassuring messages and practical offers of help from so many people, many of whom we had never met before. Ed couldn’t walk down the street without someone stopping him and asking if the ring had turned up yet.

Before she could completely give up hope, more strangers decided that they weren’t going to let her give up without a fight. They organized¬†

This morning, two metal detecting couples came to the shore at Port Logan with all of their equipment. They had special sticks to measure where they had hunted, probes, monitors, wireless headsets: serious metal detecting kit. Within two hours, of searching to a mathematical grid, these heroes had found my ring! Of course there were many tears when they told me – we were astonished to see that there’s not a scratch on it.

There are so many wonderful people in the world; I can’t believe how much warmth and kindness has come our way in the past few days. The community really came together to help us to not only find our beautiful ring, but to see what a fantastic group of neighbours we have.

If ever you feel depressed at the state of the world, think about the story of my engagement ring.

The couple never thought they would see the ring again. They hoped and searched and reached out, but there was no telling what would surface even after a few seconds of the ring being washed away by the current. Who knows, maybe they would have found it years later after a crazy turn of events!

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