Woman Loses Wallet Containing Rent Money…Then She Receives An Unbelievable Message From A Stranger

Shayna Keliiholokai was out running errands when she realized that she had made a massive mistake. It was a Friday afternoon and she had just received her paycheck. She had cashed it and was getting things done, purchasing groceries and heading to the local pharmacy to purchase medications for her children…but when she went to pull out her children’s medical ID cards, she realized that she didn’t have her wallet. It as gone.

She rushed back to Walmart, but the wallet was gone.

It was a Friday. It was payday. I cashed it. I was ready to pay my rent the next day, and then my heart just sunk when I got home,” she said. “I mean nowadays, that’s all you see is bad news everywhere, things being stolen, people ripping people off, and I was so sad.”

But later that night, she received a shocking message on Facebook from a complete stranger. The woman had found the wallet in a shopping cart at Walmart and was trying to return it.

They met up a short while later and Keliiholokai was floored to discover that¬†everything¬†was still inside! She tried to give the woman a reward, but the woman wasn’t having it. They exchanged a heartfelt hug and have since become friends.

Keliholokai says that this was a huge act of kindness and she plans to pay it forward every chance that she gets.

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