Woman Leaves Purse On First Flight After Her Second Flight Takes Off, But Incredible Flight Attendant Saves The Day!

Lauren Whiteside was trying to navigate a tight schedule, with connecting flights in different terminals being very close. She only had 25 minutes to get off of one flight and rush to the next. In all of the chaos that followed, she forgot her purse on her last plane. Everything had been in it – her IDs, money, and cards were all left in her haste. She only realized what had happened after her plane had taken off.

Aaaand then I freaked. Full freak out tears flowing mode.” She wrote on Alaska Airline’s Facebook page.

What happened next was so incredible that the story went viral within hours.

Whiteside asked a flight attendant what she should do, and they told her to get in touch with someone who could call Lost & Found at the airport. She put her husband in charge of that, and when he contacted them, he found out that the best they could do was locate the purse and have him coordinate with FedEx and that the purse would arrive within the next few days.

Meanwhile, a flight attendant named Eric knew that he could probably do better than the airport’s Lost & Found. He asked the pilot to make an inquiry, where they learned that the purse had already been found and while they tried to get it to her next flight, the 25-minute connection had made it impossible.

Eric then called a friend, Grant, at that airport and asked him to walk the purse to a flight leaving for their destination and leave it with the head flight attendant!

Whiteside’s purse would arrive at her destination just 30 minutes after she would! Eric gave her $20 and a drink to last her until her purse made it to her hands. Thanks to the quick-thinking of Eric, the helpfulness of Grant, and the kindness of their pilot, Whiteside’s disaster was avoided and she now has a newfound thankfulness for the flight crew of Alaska Airlines!

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