Woman In Labor Stops To VOTE On Her Way To The Hospital!

Patriotism is strong in the Soshy Adelstein, and not even labor pains could keep her away from the voting booth!

When Soshy went into labor, she knew that she needed to vote, and she planned to do everything in her power to make her voice heard. On November 4th, she headed to the Boulder County Clerk and Recorder’s Office and arrived just at 11:00AM. The entire process only took ten minutes, but the fact that she took the time to vote instead of rushing to the hospital was shocking to some!11-9a6Her contractions were 7 to 10 minutes apart, and she knew that she needed to be admitted soon…but she also knew that she needed to vote! Since her due date was Election Day, the couple knew that they needed to vote during early voting…and when Soshy went into labor, they knew that she might miss it entirely! They had no idea what condition she or the baby would be in, and knew that if Soshy didn’t cast her vote before the baby, she could end up not being able to vote at all.

It is important to the couple that that their new baby would enter into a world that they helped to create, which made their vote important to them.

14 hours after going into labor, Soshy gave birth to a beautiful baby girl named Bella Rose – “Rosey” for short! – and hope to build a world for her that will make her proud.


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