Woman In Labor Decides That THIS Is More Important! Wow.

This teacher went into labor unexpectedly…but she didn’t let it stop her from doing what needed to be done! She cared about her classroom and wanted to be sure they weren’t left without proper guidance. When the school hires a substitute, they rely on information and worksheets provided by the regular teacher. This time, the teacher had no time to set anything aside! She didn’t know she’d be in labor so soon!

So while her body was preparing to bring a new life into the world…she¬†was preparing the lesson plans for her classroom’s substitute teacher!Her husband stood ready to take the lesson plans out to the substitute so that his wife’s classroom wouldn’t get left behind in their studies.

Even while she was going through labor, she still knew that her students’ education was very important.

…and less than one hour later, she gave birth!


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