Woman Has Prize Stolen By Facebook “Friend” After Sharing Her Winnings Online!

Whenever we get good news, we want to share it with our friends. A promotion, a new baby on the way, or in one woman’s case, prize winnings. She participated in a Tim Horton’s contest, where customers unroll the rim of the cup to see if they have won a prize of $100. She realized that she had one and excitedly shared the news with all of her friends! But when she called to collect the prize…someone had already claimed it. When she checked her friends list, she saw that she had lost one. It wasn’t difficult to work out what had happened. 7.21a17

One person decided to trade in their friendship for $100. We hope that the money made them feel bad, but considering how they went about getting it, we highly doubt that they had trouble sleeping that night.

Luckily for her, the story went viral and Tim Horton’s decided to honor her winnings anyway, dishing out another $100 and probably gaining a dozen times that in loyalty from everyone who heard about what they did.7.21a18

She learned a harsh lesson that day, but in reality, it was worth it to find out who her friends really were. Even if the company hadn’t given her anything, she was glad to get rid of a toxic person in her life.

Comments on the story suggest that for future prizes, Tim Horton’s should require people to present the winning cup in person and not be able to call in with winning numbers to prevent this backstabbing behavior in the future. What do you think?

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