Woman Grieving Over Father’s Passing Receives PERFECT Unexpected Gift

After Tiffany Lee’s father passed away, she knew that the one thing she wanted to remember him by was a bible. Either his personal bible, or one that he used often, she went to her parent’s home to search. She didn’t tell anyone about what she was doing, but when she realized that the bible they used was shared by her mother, she decided not to take it.

Later, at her father’s funeral, she was approached by a woman that she thought might have looked familiar. The woman asked if Tiffany remembered her, and the rest is almost unbelievable.

I’m Lia Kelley Gutierrez. I have something I need to give you.” The woman said, and Tiffany suddenly realized that they had been best friends in middle school, and had lived across the street from one another.

‘I don’t know why I have this…for over 30 years I have wanted to give this to you, but we lost touch.’ She handed me a BIBLE with my name engraved on it. I opened it up and saw a written message from my dad!” Tffany wrote on Facebook.


‘To my precious Tiffany –

It is from within these pages that you can find your way to a life full of love and peace. May God love and protect you always.

April 5, 1981
Your Fist Communion Day’

While many people are curious as to why this long-lost friend had the bible in the first place, they all agree that her timing couldn’t have been more perfect.


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