Woman Goes On Her Honeymoon ALONE And Shares These Hilarious And Sad Pictures!

Huma married the love of her life, Arsalaan, and the pair had planned a fantastic honeymoon to Greece with his parents. But there was a HUGE problem…Arsalaan didn’t receive his travel visa in time for the vacation! Huma wanted to stay home with him, but since the vacation was already paid for, he convinced his wife to go on the adventure with her in-laws. She wanted to “jump ship,” but decided to go on and try to have fun without him.7.12a16

I cried the first night on my mother-in-law’s shoulder, but she told me to make the best of it.”7.12a18

Soon after, he sent a picture with his arm out as if he had put it around her. She got the idea to pose for pictures with her arm around her invisible husband as well, sad that he couldn’t be there to share the journey.7.12a17

Walking through the old streets and admiring the Grecian waterways was just not the same without him! She lose her phone to the ocean’s currents at one point, and started posing without her husband AND without her phone! This trip was just not going well at all.

Her romantic honeymoon turned into an interesting, once-in-a-lifetime trip with her new in-laws. It will definitely be a trip that she will never forget. Hopefully, they will be able to have a do-over once he receives his visa!7.12a20This is too cute, and she really did make the best of a sad, disappointing situation!

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