Woman Fired From New Contract Job Because She Was “Too Pretty”

Emma Hulse is a 24-year-old freelancer and model who frequently works for TV companies, running errands, operating cameras, and doing whatever they need for things to run smoothly on set. But one day, she was sent home just a few minutes after arriving on set for the most ridiculous reason. 

She had been contracted to work an 8-hour shift and arrived wearing a t-shirt and trousers, and while she was wearing lip color, she wasn’t dressed in a way that would have gotten in the way of the job.

I do camera operating as well, I work for many different companies and no one has sent me home because of the way I look. Especially within a creative agency you should be free to wear what you want.”

She was sent on a run, but five minute later received a text saying that she “wasn’t required on set.” She went back to ask the line manager what had happened.

He asked me, ‘are you a model? Are you not doing catwalks, why are you not at the front of house?’ Then he took my number, he suggested we go for a drink.”

She reported the incident, and the owner of the TV company, Adam Luckwell, acknowledged that the manager had since been fired.

We found there were a number of things we were not happy with,” Mr Luckwell said. “We decided not to continue with the employment and terminated the contract within three months. We felt he was a bad fit for us and some of the things he was doing was not in line with the company’s policy.”

Hulse hopes that this sort of discrimination will stop, and sharing her story was the best way to get it out there.

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