Woman Finds New “Friend” In Her Salad From Target And Decides To Keep Him.

When Becky Garfinkel made a healthy choice in the produce section, she had no idea just how close to nature she would actually get. Sure, a pasta dinner would have been cheaper, more filling, and a lot less traumatic, but she wanted a salad for dinner instead. She bought this bag of salad mix from her local Target, but while she was eating it, got the shock of her life!

She was about halfway through the salad when she noticed something move. Nestled between the leaves (and only slightly doused in dressing) sat a little frog no bigger than her thumbnail! She bolted to the bathroom, screaming, and threw up as much of the salad as she could. While she was vomiting, she heard her husband tell her that the little frog was still alive!

He took the frog to the kitchen sink and rinsed off the salad dressing, rubbing its teeny tummy and bringing it back to life. Once it was warmed up, it began to explore its new surroundings.

After the shock wore off, they decided that he was kind of adorable.

The vegetarian couple sent off their complaints to Target and Taylor Farms,, both of whom have begun an investigation to be sure that something like this doesn’t happen again…

But the couple have made a little terrarium for their new friend, named Lucky. He lives in her office in a bed of moss with all the crickets he could ever eat!

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