Woman Finds Her Car Broken Into…And The Thief’s PHONE On The Front Seat! She Calls His MOM.

Eliza Webb was aggravated to discover that her car had been broken into and several items had been stolen out of it. But something caught her eye; the thief had left his cell phone in the car, and she knew that she’d probably be able to find out who had been in her car.

The phone wasn’t locked and she found the owner’s speed dial list. The best number to call, she realized, would be the thief’s mother. The phone belong to a teenager, based on what she was seeing in the phone, and knew it may be a rather uncomfortable phone call for everyone involved.

I have your son’s phone and I’m missing some things out of my car and I think they might be two related items.’” Eliza said.

The teen’s mother was embarrassed and the two women decided that bringing law enforcement into the situation would probably just make it worse. Eliza went to the teen’s home and they all sat down to have a conversation. The teen looked like he had been crying, and he admitted to his mother that he and a friend had been drinking and had found ten other unlocked cars to break into. His mother decided that she would go with him to each person’s door that day to apologize and return the items from all around the neighborhood.

The women believe that the teen learned a valuable lesson – one he might not have gotten if Eliza had simply called the cops. What do you think of this method of punishment?

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