Woman Finds Bouquet Of Flowers On Bus Stop Bench…Meant For HER!

Ruth Clark got to her bus stop and found a bouquet of flowers seemingly abandoned on the bench. She was curious and stopped to read the note poking out of the wrapping…and realized that they were for her! 

A complete stranger had decided that on this day, they would spread as much kindness as possible with fresh flowers and a few kind words with a handwritten note. They had no idea who would find the flowers, but when Clark shared why the bouquet meant so much to her, her words quickly went viral across the globe.

Hello! Yes, these flowers are for you!

I’m leaving flowers in places and spaces around London to remind people that they are valued and extraordinary. These are yours to keep, or you can give them to someone else if you’d like to!

If you have the time, there’s a post card in here addressed to me. I would love to hear about someone you think is extraordinary, someone who to you is magic!

Thanks and have a great day!”

Just 6 months earlier, Clark had been struck by a motorist and had waited for an hour to be picked up by an ambulance. She was bleeding, suffering from broken bones and bruises, but the strangers around her jumped into action to help. One person ran to their nearby home to bring back pillows and blankets to keep her warm while she waited. One man gave her his yoga mat to lie on.

She wrote back to the person and hoped that it made their day to know how meaningful their gift had been.

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