Woman Drives To Pick Up Kitten From Shelter And Sees ANOTHER Kitten Stranded On The Highway!

She was on her way to rescue a severely injured kitten that had been dropped off at a local shelter, but on her way there, was shocked to discover that another kitten had been abandoned right on the highway! The kitten had been left on the top of the highway median, and at first, she had no idea if the kitten was even alive…but she had to check.

She pulled over and walked towards the kitten. As she approached, she began talking to it. It responded, lifting its head, but unable to open its eyes due to a severe infection. The kitten looked to be around 6 to 8 weeks old.

She scooped the kitten up into a warm blanket and placed it in a carrier and took it to the shelter.She retrieved the original kitten that she was meant to be helping, little Mia, and named the highway kitten Dave.

It turned out that Dave was actually a girl, but the name stuck.

A few days later, both Dave and Mia were able to open their eyes thanks to constant care and medication. Hopefully, these little kitties will find a new forever home and get well soon!

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