Woman Donates Ambulance After Winning Raffle. Ends Up Using It A Few Months Later!

When Beryl Good won big from St. John, but she and her husband, Doug, decided to give back. In a gesture of extreme generosity, the couple donated a $180,000 ambulance back to the hospital, never expecting to have to use it. On the side of the bright yellow ambulance, nicknamed after a combination of their own names, Dobegoo, was printed on the side. At 71, she never expected to use an ambulance – she’d never needed one in the past – but knew that the donation might save lives.

In November, the donated ambulance was put to work. In March, it was used to take her to the hospitalThe flooring near her front door had been freshly painted, and Beryl had slipped, cutting open her chin and breaking her arm. She called for help, and out of all the available ambulances…Dobegoo showed up to rush her to the hospital!

The couple lives nearby the station and were used to the frequency of the alarms going off, signaling that someone needed help in an emergency. While she never knew that she would end up using those services, she was very glad to have been a part of the process.

Beryl is using her spotlight to urge others to donate to their local medical centers as well. You never know when you will be the one who needs that help next.

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