Woman Discovers Memorial Bracelet On The Beach For Soldier Killed In Action, Tries To Contact Family

Liz Maloney was walking along the beach when she noticed a piece of metal sticking up from the sand. At first, she was wary of the incoming tide, thinking she would get wet.

Oddly something pulled me over to where I found bracelet. Glad I opted to risk getting soaked.” She wrote on Facebook.

She thought it might have been a bit of metal when she picked it up, but she quickly realized that it was a bracelet with an inscription.


It was a memorial bracelet, and seeing it brought back a lot of memories for others – some of whom still wear theirs every day – to remember and hope to recover the bodies of prisoners of war or soldiers who had been reported missing, or killed in action. When the soldiers were ever returned home, the bracelets would be taken off or returned. This is why it was so important for her to get in touch with the family.

The inscription was for a young man killed in action in 2014 and decided to do some digging. She found a name that matched from a 22-year-old in Oregon. She went back to the beach the next day, wearing the bracelet, and took a photo, hoping that she could locate the family soon.

She got into contact with a local news station in the area and was put into contact with the family, and had spoken with them on Veteran’s Day, of all days. She will be sending the bracelet back to his family.


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