Woman Destroys $200,000 Worth Of Art For “Selfie.” Whose Fault Is It? People Aren’t Sure.

On the quest for the perfect selfie, a woman decided to crouch down in front of an art installation…and caused a huge disaster!

The art of Simon Birch was on display at The 14th Factory in Los Angeles when this woman decided to try and get a cool selfie for social media. She moved to the edge of the display and got onto her knees in an attempt to capture the art in the background. Unfortunately, she lost her balance and knocked over an entire row of the delicate pieces on display and destroyed them as a result.Titled “Hypercaine,” the installation included 60 crowns representing power, presented as trophies, made of delicate and fragile materials.

The installation is now much smaller thanks to the woman’s mistake, but others aren’t so quick to blame her for the catastrophe.

Many people are blaming the gallery. The pedestals should have been secured and the art pieces should have been attached to their displays at the very least, people argued. Others said the displays should have been roped off or the pieces be contained behind glass.Even though people agreed that the fragile works of art should have been secured, more agreed that the woman should have respected the art in the first place. Artists regularly encourage others to get close and inspect their creations, but to turn her back and crouch down to take a selfie was probably crossing the line.

What do YOU think?

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