Woman Demands Over $1,000 From Parents After Their Son Vomited Near Her Designer Bag

One woman brought her designer bag on a flight and stored it underneath her seat instead of in the overhead compartment. In the isle in front of her, a little boy vomited onto the floor. The parents cleaned it up, but some of it traveled underneath the seat where they couldn’t see, according to the woman.

About an hour after the incident, she leans forward¬†and tells the parents that while she is sorry their son was sick, he vomited onto her bag, and she demanded that they replace it. She claimed to have purchased it for over $1,000, and expected that amount, and to have her bag professionally cleaned as a result.11-3a10Mom took pictures of the bag and said that she didn’t see any damage that wasn’t caused by years of obvious use. The woman claimed that she wiped it off, but could still smell the vomit. They exchanged email addresses and left once the flight landed.

Later, the woman emailed mom and claimed the she sent the bag off for cleaning, but Louis Vuitton wasn’t able to get the “stench” out, and that the smell was ingrained. Along with the cost of cleaning, she demanded full payment for the loss of her bag.

Mom posted the story online and was torn about what to do: ignore the woman, or use her travel insurance to cover it?

Many people weighed in, but the vote was split. Some said that the woman was trying to take advantage as the bag was obviously years old and no longer worth the full amount, and to demand a receipt from the “cleaning.” Some say to hand it all to the travel insurance company as the stench of vomit is hard to get out.

What do you think mom should do?


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