Woman Crafts Meghan Markle And Prince Harry As Dolls To Sell…But People Suspect She’s Never Seen Them Before!

If you’ve ever seen dolls that resemble people from movies and television shows, you’ll know that they are usually fairly believable. Sure, they may not be very detailed or ornate, but they do try their best to at least give a nod to the person they are meant to represent. It is easier to do for animated movies, but one woman decided to try her hand at bringing the royal couple to life in doll form…and. Well, you can see for yourself. Etsy craftswoman, Shirlee of HistoryWearz, knew that the royal couple was causing quite a stir online and decided to make these custom outfits for dolls that she happened to have on hand. As a seamstress, she designs and sews the outfits inspired by the people and time periods that they represent, and while the clothing was impressive…the dolls themselves looked nothing like the royal couple! For the $200 price tag, people were confused.

Her listing went viral and she has since adjusted her listing to include dolls that better represent the couple as they truly are.

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She listened to the comments people were leaving and decided to try again!

The updated versions look a lot more accurate…but the initial dolls were just too funny!

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