Woman Chucks Her Apple At Fiance When He Gets On One Knee

Over the past seven years, Miranda and Randy have built a life together, but he’d never actually proposed. They had two children together, and Miranda was getting impatient. She’d been sending him pictures of rings that she liked for four years now, but time passed, and no proposal came.

While out celebrating her birthday with family and friends at an apple orchard, Randy got on one knee and present her with the ring box.

Will you marry me?”

And instead of answering, she pelted him with her half-eaten apple.
When he didn’t get up, she realized that this might have been the moment she’d been waiting for.

Wait, are you serious?!”

When he said he was, she tackled him to the ground in excitement.¬†The video went viral and Miranda explained that for the past year, Randy has been “fake proposing.” Six times so far, he has stopped, gotten down on one knee…and given her random objects as a joke.

But this time, surrounded by friends and family, she knew that her jokester of a partner was ready to become her fiance!
They’ve known each other for nearly their entire lives, and when he proposed (for real, this time)¬†their family was ecstatic! She said ‘yes,’ and he now has a small bump on his head from a stray apple.

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