Woman Celebrates Losing 120 Pounds, But Jerks In A Car Go Out Of Their Way To Reveal Their True Nature

Shauna Arocho has been inspiring people with her weight loss journey. After losing 60 pounds the year before, she began the paleo diet, and has since lost another 60 pounds. She watches her diet carefully and says ‘no’ to cravings that will get in the way of her goals. It is an incredibly hard thing to do, but when Dairy Queen hosted an event called “Free Ice Cream Day,” she and her husband decided to celebrate her hard work with a fun treat. It was a warm day, so they decided to sit outside to enjoy the weather and a delicious ice cream cone!

But she couldn’t have imagined what would happen next…

A group of men were riding together in a car, and although it was a busy street, they took the time to stop their car, roll down a window, and shout at her.

Eat that ice cream, you fat b****!”

In one moment, her entire day was ruined. She decided to share her story, asking people why they go out of their way to tear someone down.

What do people get out of it? What if your words had been the final straw? You never know what kind of place people are in emotionally. PLEASE think before you speak. I am working every single day to better myself. I know that I am fat, I don’t need strangers yelling out their car window for me to see that. I’m not trying to get pity with this post, I am trying to get people to understand how detrimental bullying can be. Please share this.” She wrote.

In just two days, her post was shared 100,000 times and viewed over 2 million times. Her bravery is inspiring, and after all of the positive feedback, she promises not to give up – even if jerks in cars can’t keep their opinions to themselves!

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