Woman Buys Preservative-Free Product And Is Shocked When It Molds In The Fridge. She Plans To Sue.

Fans of Vita Coco are buzzing after seeing what Barbara Kline found in her coconut water in April. She claimed to have become “violently ill after finding an octopus-looking-thing” at the bottom of the container she had purchased a week before. It sat in her fridge unopened before she discovered the mold inside.

When I took a big gulp, I swallowed a chunk of something. It tasted very thick and syrupy. It was disgusting. After I opened it up, I heard things jiggling inside,” she said. “And I thought, ‘That doesn’t sound right.’ I took a knife and opened it up and that’s when I discovered those octopus-looking things.”

A spokesperson from the company took a look at the pictures she shared and think that it is mold growth from regular food spoilage. In some cases, a product might be damaged, improperly refrigerated, or left open, which causes the naturally-occurring ingredients to begin the decomposition process. However, they can’t give her an exact answer because she has refused to return the product for further testing.

She wanted the FDA to test the mold, but their laboratories typically only test unopened or intact products to avoid outside contaminants that would prevent an accurate result.

She went to her doctor and had a wide range of testing done, but all results came back as negative. She plans to sue the company in order to get real answers.

I’m in it for clarification and to know if I just inhaled or drank something that’s deadly. All I want is an answer. I want clarification that I’m OK.”

Others are confused as to why she hasn’t sent it another lab in the meantime. What do YOU think?

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