Woman Bursts Into Tears While Ordering Coffee And Sends This Letter A Few Days Later

A woman walked into a Dutch Bros. Coffee for her regular order, but this day was different from the others. When the workers at the counter asked her how she was doing, they had no idea that she would burst into hysterics. They listened and sympathized, and she left to start her workday with a better outlook on life. They also had no idea that their actions that day would affect her so profoundly.

They received this letter written on “seed paper,” special paper embedded with flower seeds.

For the Tues. Sept. 5th morning staff,

You all are too good for this world. Imagine finding out that your boyfriend has a massively pregnant wife that you knew nothing about. Imagine getting zero hours of sleep because you know you have to work with him and see his stupid, cheating, lying, stupid freaking face – all day.

You’d probably just want some coffee to get you through that, right?

Now imagine going to your favorite coffee spot, ordering your favorite drink, having the team listen to your stupid problems, tell you that you’re sure as shit too good for f**kboys like that, make sure that your drink is the best damn white coffee kicker you’ve ever had, then tell you it’s free.

I ugly cried the whole way to work. That was literally the most you could have done for me and I am so grateful for your kindness.

I’m sorry I busted out in tears when you were nice to me. Please accept this seed paper as an apology and grow love with it.”

They were honored to have helped, and one of the workers on shift that day decided to share it with a message. You can never know how far a simple act of kindness will go towards making someone else’s day. In their case, a listening ear and a few supportive words helped this woman to move on.

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