Woman Brings Horse Into Hotel Room After Receptionist Jokes That All Pets Are Welcome

When Lindsey Partridge stopped at her hotel to drop off luggage before taking her horses to their lodgings at a nearby stable. She noticed that there was a dog in the lobby and jokingly asked the receptionist if she could bring in her horses to stay at the hotel.

I’ve got my horses right outside!” Partridge told the receptionist.

Thinking it was a joke, the woman said ‘sure!’ When Partridge calmly walked her retired race horse through the lobby doors, other guests in the hotel were stunned.

While the hotel’s pet policy has a limit for pets to be under twenty five pounds, the horse was allowed into their rooms on the ground floor. After taking a quick video to document the exchange, Partridge took her horse, Blizz, to the stables for the night.

The hotel responded saying that they had no knowledge of the horse actually entering the room, and clarified that their pet policy only extends to animals under 25 pounds.

The stunt cost Partridge around $10 to bring her horse into the room, but thinks it was worth it to show people that horses respond well to situations if their handler is calm and collected.

It must have been good luck as Blizz went on to win third place in the competition that they were in town for.

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