With These Up-cycled Bottles, She Got Rid Of ALL Those Ugly Spice Jars!

The “spice rack” for most of us is usually just a spare cabinet loaded and packed with assorted spices and seasonings. Some of them might have been in the back of that cabinet for decades and the container might be a little worse for wear. Due to counter space or the messy look of the different spices, the jars end up tossed away and hidden from view.

But one savvy recycler noticed that there seemed to be an abundance of these same bottles in her recycling bin on week and had a clever idea.
9-26a5With the help of etching cream, cut-out letters, and patience, this project can help to transform your kitchen! If you happen to cook a lot, you may not even need to label the jars. In that case, just wash and rinse your bottles thoroughly before transferring your spices and seasonings into them. For others, that’s where the etching comes in!
9-26a4There are several different ways to go about etching your glass, but remember to read all warning labels before starting the project to avoid injury. You can use pre-printed letters, create your own stencils with contact paper, or label each bottle by tracing out the designs on vinyl paper.

Follow the directions on the etching cream…or simply use a marker to label your bottles instead!
9-26a3Any glass bottle will do, and if you have lost the lids, cork works just as well as a any other lid! Will you be upgrading your spice cabinet, or is this project just a little too much? See more details here!


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