With Lace Doilies And A Balloon, She Re-Vamped Her Ceiling Lights!

The lights in her family’s cottage were lacking…something, but she had an idea that inspired thousands of others to try, too! For her idea to work, she needed a balloon large enough to accommodate the light fixture hanging from her ceiling, so she purchased an extra large balloon from a craft store and blew it up! She tied the balloon on its knot with a string and suspended it in the air. Next she covered her lace doilies in pre-mixed wallpaper glue. Other crafters have reported success with layers of Mod Podge! When the doilies were completely soaked, she layered them over the expanded balloon, allowing them to dry completely before adding another layer of glue.It is important for the doilies to overlap one another so that the entire structure will be more secure. She snipped out a horizontal slice big enough to slip the cover over her light and sewed it up after inserting the light. She also used an LED bulb that wouldn’t generate too much heat to keep the glue from becoming distorted over time.The rustic look of the homemade light cover is a delicate, homey touch, and it is no wonder that so many people are in love with this project idea! You can see more details here.

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