Winking Kitty Discovered With Discarded Christmas Ornaments

Little Yara was discovered in a box of Christmas ornaments, tangled up in useless tree lights. She was somewhere between 4 and 6 weeks old, but they weren’t sure that she would survive. She was barely old enough to be away from her mother, but they had no way of knowing how she had come to be tangled up in the garbage.

She was brought to a nearby shelter, but the people who rescued her couldn’t care for a kitten and wished her the best of luck. The veterinarian ran tests and found that she was perfectly healthy aside from one mysterious physical issue…little Yara had been born without a right eye!

The lack of an eye gave her the appearance of always “winking” at everyone as if she had some sort of wonderful secret. She stayed at the clinic for roughly one week before they deemed her healthy enough to go off on many more adventures…if someone would take her in.

Too often, cats and kittens with physical problems usually end up in the shelters for their entire lives…or sometimes end up being put down. But Yara’s luck was too great – she was seen by a human that adored her winking face and decided to take her home!

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