Wife Plays Along When Husband Can’t Believe Who She Is

Any condition that requires surgery is definitely serious, and people who have undergone a procedure know its debilitating effects. Muscles tend to be weaker, vision impaired, or in the case of this man in the video, his memory hasn’t totally recovered yet.

After a successful surgery, he’s greeted by his wife sitting next to the bed. What’s the catch, you ask? The guy has failed to recognize that the lady beside him is actually his better half. He was totally surprised to see how beautiful and lovely she looks, even asking her if she’s a model.

Eventually, his wife showed their wedding ring, much to the man’s surprise. He couldn’t believe that he has hit the jackpot. What dawned on him could be the surprise of his lifetime. It’s in trying situations like these that a couple’s love for each other is tested, and that they should be willing to stay strong for one another.

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