Widowed Grandparents Find Love Again, 64 Years After Saying “Farewell” In 1953

Joyce and James were high school sweethearts who went to prom together in 1953, but that’s where their romance ended. They continued their lives, went off to different colleges, married other people, and started their own families. They didn’t keep in touch other than a stray phone call every few decades, but they never forgot one another.

But after she turned 81, Joyce got a call from Jim who told her that he wanted to plan a high school reunion. They were both widowed, and that one phone call turned into more phone calls, and eventually led to a visit. They went on their first date in over 60 years…and realized how easily they still got along! They fell in love all over again.

My Grandma started smiling again,” her granddaughter, Anna said. “Our talks started to be about her future instead of her past. She became herself again. I guess the same thing happened to Jim. His daughter called my grandma and thanked her for ‘helping her dad smile again.’ “

They had given up thinking that they ever might be truly happy again, and suddenly they found themselves excited about life.
They got married on April 1st, the same date as their high school prom 64 years ago.

We thought that was a good day for two old fools to get married,” Joyce joked.

Anna was Joyce’s maid of honor, and couldn’t be happier for the newlyweds!

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