Widow Writes Heartbreaking Plea To Others: “Take The Photos.”

Michelle Steinke suffered a devastating loss in 2009 that turned her world upside down. With the loss of her husband, she had to find a way to move on, and in her case, she turned to exercise. To cope with her grief, she turned to fitness and eventually founded a company called One Fit Widow that encourages people to¬†“ignite their fire for life after great loss.” She writes motivational content and works as a certified trainer to help others. In one of her most recent posts, she wanted others to take her message to heart before they might regret it.

I suppose we all have regrets.

We shouldn’t, but we do.

One of my biggest regrets is that I wasn’t in many photos. My self-hate and loathing kept me from taking photos of my babies and photos with the man I loved.

Hindsight is always 20/20.

I can tell you now it was stupid.

I can tell you my kids loved me regardless of my weight. I can tell you my husband loved me irrespective of my body.

I can tell you when he was gone and they started to grow I regretted not being in more photos and loving the life I was living when I was living it.

Hindsight is always 20/20.

The day he died, all I cared about was the memories we made, the trips we took and the photos of our whole family.
I regret not being in the photos.

Perfection is a myth. Even after I lost 70 pounds and found my fitness, I realized I still was far from perfect.

You can always work on improving yourself but this moment will never come again. Don’t waste it wishing you were more.
You are enough, right now, right as you are.

Take the photos.

Love your life.

Don’t regret what you can control.

Good night world,


Her plea resonated with thousands, and her post was shared across all platforms. The message was so powerful, others joined in to share their own regrets at being behind the camera instead of in front of it. Having those memories documented is important, and she hopes that as many people as possible will take her words to heart.

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