Widow Sells Late Husband’s Favorite Bike To Stranger. Then Receives THIS Letter On Her Doorstep!

Eva found herself in a heartbreaking situation. Her husband had passed away, and she now needed to find a way to support her two young sons in his absence. The only real option that the family had was to sell her husband’s possessions, sell the house, and find a way to continue their new lives without him. It was difficult, but one of the things she sold ended up coming back to her in the form of a blessing.

She sold as much as she could, often selling items for much less than they were really worth in order to get rid of items faster. One of those items was her husband’s old bike, which she¬†posted on Facebook “for sale: $20.”

A kind man named Victor sent her a simple message: “You are pricing this too low – I will give you $50.”

She told him her story, letting him know that her husband loved to go bike riding. He told her that he would honor her husband’s memory…but a short while after selling it, she received this note from that same man.
He re-sold the bike for $120 and gave her the profit when he realized the bike wasn’t going to work for him after all. She was shocked to find this wonderful gesture from Victor, a man who went out of his way to care about her and her family.

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