Widow Plans To Marry Homeless Man Who Used To Dig Through Garbage Bins Outside Her Shop

After seeing him rummaging through dumpsters and searching for food, her heart broke. Across from her bookshop, Joan Neininger would see Ken Selway picking through the trash for a bite to eat, and one day in 1975, she just couldn’t bear to watch him continue. She started off making him sandwiches and gave him a shoulder to lean on.Joan was married at the time, but her husband, Norman, didn’t mind that she wanted to help the homeless man that had fallen through the cracks of society. Ken battled schizophrenia, but he would never accept money from the couple. As a result, he moved in and out of their lives as his conditioned worsened or bettered.

I married at 16 and Norman was a wonderful man and a lovely husband and father.”

Norman later died of a heart attack, leaving Joan with the friendship of Ken to help her through her own hard times.  Eventually, Ken developed health problems and moved into a residential home, where he was soon followed by Joan. The pair grew closer and closer, and as Joan helped Ken to overcome his own problems, leading them towards romance.

After decades, the pair will finally tie the knot at their local registry office, and couldn’t be happier.

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