Why This Successful Doctor Dresses Like A Homeless Man Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

The power of compassion can make anyone surpass the difficult task of reaching out to somebody. It is the person’s willingness, however, that’s needed to make that crucial spark. Dr. Jim Withers, the “Street Doctor”, has made his own way to keep this spark alive and answer the needs of the homeless.

As a doctor, his calling is to help out and take care of the people. Although the health care industry is now seen largely as a business, he stretches out, away from the structure, and into the streets where a lot of people are hanging on for their lives.

It doesn’t matter what country or state you’re in, the reality is homeless people are ostracized in different communities and they are even growing in number. But a humble gesture like making house calls, dressing up like the homeless to share food and blankets like the doctor does creates a huge difference.


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