Why Is This Pile Of Wood Going VIRAL? There’s A Cat In This Picture And No One Can Find It.

Why are these pictures going viral? Missing cell phones, horses, hidden dogs, there seems to be no end to these. While there are a few joke posts floating around with nothing to find, this picture does actually contain a cat. It’s there, we promise. 8.1a16Did you spot her? This kitty’s camouflage is suspiciously perfect, and for once, we were able to spot the hidden cat fairly easily. Partially due to the fact that cats aren’t ever green, so she must have been hiding in the piles of wood…

Whether or not she was doing it on purpose is something that we’ll never know. The perfect shade of pale orange, this kitty could lounge on this wood pile all day and neglect her job of mouse hunting. I bet those pieces of wood are nice and toasty from sitting out in the sunlight all day, too…


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