Why Have A Plain Backyard Fence When You Can Create A MAGICAL Experience? These Ideas Are So EASY!

Most people have a backyard fence surrounding their property. They give you privacy from the neighbors and give the pets a place to roam free without having to be on a leash. The kids can play on their own without getting into too much trouble, and its a way to enjoy the great outdoors without having to leave your home! But that backyard fence can get a little boring, and sometimes it can be distracting.

These backyard fence designs are breathtaking, and with a little creativity and a weekend, you could create a masterpiece like this, too!5.13a5

If you have birds in your backyard (or WANT birds in your backyard) you can hang a bunch of tiny birdhouses to welcome our fine feathered friends into your yard! You may even get to see some baby birds one day!5.13a6These fences are dotted with colored marbles! When the sunlight hits them just right, little rainbows are reflected into your backyard oasis!5.13a7Do you know someone who loves to paint murals? Turn your backyard into an exotic getaway!5.13a8 This backyard fence looks like the entrance to a fairy’s home! This is too cute!5.13a9This project uses mirrors to create the illusion of a larger yard! Old window panes and painted wood gives this fence some exciting depth!5.13a10Metal butterflies are a fun addition to your fence! Choose a color and paint them to match your decor!5.13a11These succulents are planted sideways and add a textured element to a plain fence!5.13a12Painted cans and colorful flowers are a garden within a garden!5.13a13 Aged shutters and decorative metal designs are a clever way to create a fence!5.13a14

Make your backyard exciting with these clever ideas!

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