“Why Does…” These Are The Questions People Are Asking About YOUR State!

Google has turned out to be one of the biggest resources that people turn to when they have a question. You’ve probably used it today. I used to to look up the delivery hours for lunch not even 10 minutes ago. But did you know that Google also has a list of the most common “googled” phrases?

When someone types in a question, it gets logged…and this chart displays what people are really thinking about the states in America! They are tallied and ranked, and all you have to do is make not of where it is on the map. Confused?

For example, “why does Washington have the highest minimum wage?” Just choose the state, add the question “why does…” and get your answer to see what people are wondering about your state!
Do you have the answer? Some of them are ridiculous…but you may have had a few of these questions yourself! Do you have any burning questions about these states, now? Go ahead and type them into Google and see what pops up! Which one of these is the funniest? Can you think of a better one?

Looking at this graphic, there sure are a lot of presumed Earth-quakes going on all across the map! Yikes.

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