Why Does The Sloth Cross The Road?

For certain you have heard about a chicken crossing the road but have you heard of a three-toed sloth making the same pilgrimage? In a busy road in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica, pedestrians were treated to the cutest sight of a sloth making his way from one part of the road to another. You can guess it is hardly light speed and at one point, people were worried the sloth will cause a traffic jam!

Fortunately for the little guy, a man on a motorcycle stopped and carried him to his destination. Talk about first-class travelling! At the other side, there are lots of trees and leaves for the sloth to munch on and they must have looked so delicious that the adorable animal was willing to cross the busy road just to make it to this buffet-side. Hats off to you sir for helping our little friend get his meal safely!

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