Why Did This Guy Check A Can Of Beer At The Airport? Mostly Because He Could.

An Australian man was traveling “light” on a flight to Perth and was determined to bring his beer with him. The Emu Export beer was too delicious to leave behind, but as with many airlines, there are guidelines to follow. He hatched a plan; he’d check it in as his luggage.

The ground crew was tickled to see this lone can of beer coming in through the baggage loading area and gave it special priority – but not before taking lots of pictures and videos!News of the quirky baggage soon spread, and when the famous can of beer-checked-in-as-luggage arrived in Perth, ground crew were excited to put it on the conveyor belt, upright and proud to have made it.

My mate works at the airport and we hatched the plan as a laugh — I half didn’t expect it to come out the other end,” he said.

The man says that he was prepared to file a missing baggage report if his beer hadn’t have made it, but to his joy, it came out perfectly undamaged!But it turns out that this specific beer is often checked in as luggage – although seeing a single can is a bit strange! Usually, people bring over a six-pack at the very least!

Who knows, we may start to see more hilarious items checked in to flights like this in the near future!

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