Who’s The One Photobombing The Picture? We Can’t Decide!

We’re not quite sure who is the photobombing culprit in this picture, and there is a huge debate going on to try and figure it out! Dog owners swear that their dogs adopt human traits after a few years, acting “embarrassed” or “happy,” and bird owners sometimes find their birds doing “human” things when they least expect it…but horses? Well, you can decide for yourself!While the user posted the image without any details aside from the caption: “when a horse photobombs you,” many people jumped in to disagree…

Because it looks a lot like this little girl is the one photobombing the horse! Clydesdales are known for their massive frames, elegant manes, furry hooves, and general air of importance, so its no wonder that people enjoy posing in front of them when they get the chance.

This particular horse had just so happened to have learned a new skill! He “smiled” for the camera!

Have you ever seen a horse do this?! He’s perfect!

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