White Guy Gets Pulled Over And Asks A Black Cop A VERY Personal Question. No Wonder Over 1 Million People Have Liked This Story!! WOW!

Cops. When you see those familiar red and blue flashing lights in your rear-view mirror, you can’t help but groan and imagine all of the trouble you’re about to be in. Sure, you didn’t mean to speed or run that stop sign of forget to fix a broken headlight, but that cop behind you does not care one little bit. Because people have such a bad attitude towards cops, traffic stops can sometimes get a lot worse than they need to be – which can be dangerous for the cops, too. We see a lot of controversy on the news, and sometimes it’s hard to know who to believe. Was the cop really using his powers to take advantage of someone, or is the person lying and just trying to get out of trouble? In this case, the answer is clear…


This cop was well within his rights to ignore the question and walk away…but I’m so glad that he decided to share what was in his heart. Sure, there are some pretty bad cops out there who use their job as a weapon, but most of them are just like this guy. A man trying to provide for his family, protect his town, and keep the peace during increasingly troubling times. No wonder this story has gone VIRAL!

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