While The Rest Of The Crowd COWERS In Fear, One Dad Jumps Into Action…Saving His Child’s FACE!

Most people don’t think that they will end up as a VIRAL story when they leave their homes in the mornings. Off to work, off to run errands, or off to enjoy a ball game, it’s really just another day! Sure, we might snap a “selfie” or two in the car, but no one ever expects their picture to go viral…it just happens!

When out enjoying a Pirates-Braves game with his dad, Landon was paying more attention to his phone than what was going on out on the field. And we’ll admit that even if he had been paying attention to the game, he wouldn’t have been able to dodge this horrifying possibility if he’d tried.

Danny Ortiz swung and missed during a spring training game in Florida. The Pirates outfielder couldn’t keep control of the bat and accidentally sent it shooting into the stands…aimed right for the unsuspecting Landon!

Miraculously, his father had even faster reflexes! Instead of cowering away from the incoming object (like the others in the photographs), he stuck his arm out to catch the blow! You can see how much damage that bat would have caused if it had hit the boy in the face thanks to this amazing picture.


It would have struck him between the eyes, and definitely broken his nose. Thankfully, we don’t have to speculate any further – this dad saved the day!

What a close call! It’s amazing what a parent’s instincts will do when their children are in danger. This was an incredible save.

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