While On Strike, These Teachers Packed Lunches For Students Who Needed It Most

Millions of kids around the country rely on the free or reduced lunch programs at their schools to get by. Parents rely on the programs for their kids to get well-rounded meals, and teachers rely on the programs to make sure their students are healthy and ready to learn…but during a strike, when teachers demanded better pay and benefits, students wouldn’t be able to participate in the programs that would give them a lunch that their parents could afford. That’s when several teachers in West Virginia banded together to pack hundreds of lunches.Chuches, nonprofit groups, and volunteers came together to work as makeshift distribution centers for the meals, but some teachers knew their students wouldn’t be able to pick up lunches and actually drove to drop off meals to their students’ homes!

Their next few days weren’t certain, but they cared for the kids that had been caught in the middle and wanted to make sure that they helped in whatever way that they could. Their kindness and consideration for the students stuck at home went viral, and hopefully, it inspired others to do the same!

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