Where Did You Go? Please Come Back!

If you’re like me, you can’t help it when weird, random thoughts pop in your head while you shower, brush your teeth, or even walk your dog. One of those weird, random thoughts concerned Twinkies. Oh, how I loved those soft, oblong, spongey cream cakes! Salivating, I raced to the store and to my dismay, they were gone! When I demanded the clerk grab me some from the back, he grimaced and informed me that they have been off the shelf for years! Seriously? Seriously. Read on to find out the top food items that are missing from our world and need to make their return. Soon.

  1. Twinkies


I think I made my point above.

  1. Planter’s Cheese Balls


Cheese Balls were the ultimate party appetizer of the 80’s. A party wasn’t a party unless you filled a big glass bowl full of these orange little balls. If you think about it, this snack is probably one of the worst party foods to serve because they forced you to lick your fingers clean from the orange cheese powder that got all over them (not very elegant), but regardless, they are missed!

  1. 3D Doritos


Similar to cheese balls, these nacho cheese 3 D Doritos made the best crunchy, pint sized snack. They were fun to hold, pop in your mouth, and munch on anytime and anywhere! I literally ate some every day right after my 7th grade basketball practice. Not the most nutritious snack, but the flat Doritos can’t fill its shoes!

  1. Jello Puddin’ Pops


I remember eating a puddin’ pop every Friday night during the 80’s and 90’s TGIF lineup (my childhood revolved around food a lot I’m noticing). They were cold, creamy, and who could resist Bill Cosby trying to sell you something (who would have thought he’s be one of the most hated men in American today??)?

  1. Ecto-Cooler


Tangy and refreshing (by children’s standards); this Ghostbuster inspired slime toned drink vanished into thin air in 2001. Maybe others started paying attention to its nutritional value (none) or the Ghostbuster franchise made its exit. I’m curious to see if it comes back in 2015 due to the widely spread rumors that there is going to be an all-female Ghostbuster movie made in the near future!

Where’d you go favorite snacks? You may be extinct but you will be remembered forever by those who loved you!

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