When You Find Out Why Someone Bought This Ordinary Bottle Of Ranch Dressing For $1,000, Your Heart Will Melt!

When a fire broke out at the Humane Society of Southeast Texas, it destroyed their shelter. The flames originated in a dryer that was inside of the building, and 74 dogs were lost in the blaze. It was a tragic event, but Cane Russo, a pizza parlor in Dallas, Texas decided to host a fundraiser to get the Humane Society back on its feet!

They called it ‘Pizza for Puppies,” and they raised $20,000! All of the proceeds from the event went to helping after the fire.

That’s where this story comes in.

This man owns a delivery company and came out to support the cause. However, he noticed a bottle of Ranch dressing was housed in a glass box with a sign next to it that priced the bottle at $1,000.

The price was set as a jab at customers who ask for a side of Ranch dressing to go with their pizza – something that this pizza shop does not sell! They didn’t like the customers had started asking as a joke…so when someone wants a side of the flavor-masking dressing, they can remind them that it’ll cost a whopping $1,000!


But hey, if it happens to be for a good cause, why not? The bottle of dressing sat on their table as a trophy of sorts while they enjoyed their pizza! The Humane Society will be able to use the funds to keep caring for the remaining 100+ animals in their care, and hopefully bounce back from this tragedy!

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