When This Young Man Showed Up At Their Door, They Were NOT Expecting Him!

When her daughter came home in hysterics, Stephanie Robertson-King was heartbroken. Her daughter had accidentally left her wallet on a bus and wanted to know if she would ever get it back. Watching children learn valuable lessons is hard, but mom handled it with grace.

Not wanting to crush her spirit anymore-I admitted it was highly unlikely.” Stephanie wrote on Facebook.

But when they got home, they saw a young man knocking at their front door. When they found out why he was there, they realized that he had beaten them to their own home.He explained that he had found a wallet on the bus and decided to track down the owner, and he was looking for her daughter.

The wallet was completely untouched. He hadn’t taken a single thing out of it. Several weeks ago, he had lost his own wallet and knew just how devastating it could be. His wallet hadn’t been returned, but he didn’t want her to feel the same frustrations!

The family couldn’t let him go empty-handed. Mom gave him a reward and even pulled out some of the cash that he hadn’t touched from the returned wallet.

She wanted to know more about him, and after a brief chat, learned that he was actually the 19-year-old son of one of her co-workers!

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