When This Little Boy Wanted To Buy A Crippled Dog, The Farmer Realized The Heart-Breaking TRUTH!

Most kids love animals, and if you were lucky enough to grow up with a dog or a cat (hey, fish count too, right?) then you know the feeling of security that these little animals can bring to your life! We had a cat that lived outside, and even though she didn’t like me to pet her, I liked to sit near her and watch her lick her paws. I never felt lonely when she was near, and she was a great companion when I just wanted to lie in the sun and enjoy the weather!

Some kids can’t have pets due to allergies, but I’m so glad that I didn’t have this problem growing up! Playing with the neighborhood pets was always fun, and I can tell that the duo in this next story will have just as much fun as I did!


This story is my favorite! And I’ve read a lot of stories! With this one little dog, this boy can always have a friend that he can relate to, he’ll always have a buddy when he can’t play with the other kids in the playground, and he’ll be able to discover new adventures with his little friend each and every day. This small puppy with a hobble in his steps will give this little boy the confidence he needs to grow up and live his life without being hindered by his disability. And in the world today, the confidence to follow your dreams is very important.

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