When This Family Moved Out, They Threw Out More Than Just Their Mattress

When a family moved out of their home in Detroit, they left miscellaneous items out for the garbage at the end of their driveway. Along with trash bags full of useless junk and a large mattress, they abandoned their dog, Boo.

The loyal dog waited for family to return for over a week, scavenging for food and sleeping on their discarded mattress, fearful of wandering too far away, in case the family returned. The word of the abandoned dog gained the attention of the Detroit Youth and God Rescue that focuses on fostering strays in hopes of gaining them new forever homes.
10-24a6A man named Mike Diesel answered their plea and tried to get Boo to safety. But Boo would not let him close, avoiding the man without wandering too far from the mattress. For 11 hours, Boo shied away under Diesel eventually gave up.

He returned the next morning with a sausage McMuffin and delicious dog food to gain Boo’s trust. It worked. 10-24a7Once Boo was taken to an animal hospital, Diesel was dismayed to learn that Boo tested positive for heart worms. This meant that Boo could not be put up for adoption immediately (much to the dismay of interested people). Boo would remain at a foster home until the heart worms were cleared up before being put up for adoption.10-24a8With all of the attention Boo is getting, Diesel is sure that Boo will have a forever home in no time at all!


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