When They Realized They Had A Frequent Visitor, They Decided To Make Him Feel More At Home

When you live near forests, sometimes, nature just sort of shows up on your porch uninvited. People in the city don’t often have to deal with this kind of thing. The most we get see is a stray raccoon here and there, or a possum down the street…and even then, it catches us off guard. “Nature” doesn’t mean the same thing to people who live near the countryside or near large forests. Sometimes, it means having to accommodate unexpected visitors without much warning at all.

This family had two beds on their back porch. A fluffy bed for their cat and a cozy bed for their dog allowed their animals to enjoy the outdoors without having to lie in the dirt or on the uncomfortable wooden boards. This family, however, hadn’t accounted for the third animal that frequently wandered into their yard.
A lone buck enjoyed visiting. After his appearances became regular and predictable…they decided to make him feel more at home! A large bed was custom made just for him! Lounging around with his two animal pals seemed like a great way to pass the time, and while others might have been more concerned about stray ticks, the family was more than happy to say hello to their daily friend.

Once the picture was posted online, it went viral…and a lot of people were impressed that the cat hadn’t already stolen the bed!

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