When They Discovered The Cheerful Drive-Thru Cashier Walks To Work, They Knew He Deserved Something Better

In the city of Franklin, Louisiana, nearly everyone is familiar with Jaron, the cheerful guy who works the drive-thru at McDonald’s. Always happy to brighten a customer’s day, thousands of people can report having their days made just a little easier after going through his line. The local volunteer fire department wanted to thank him for being a positive influence in their community…and their actions are going viral!

You probably have met Jaron and seen his smile and heard his positive attitude that is quite contagious and very memorable. A group of ladies surprised Jaron earlier this week, with cards of appreciation just to say “Thank You” for always being a ray of sunshine for that brief moment in a drive-thru line. But they wanted to do more after hearing that he often walks to work or has to find rides.”

These ladies recently discovered that Jaron had been walking to work more often than being able to get rides to be on time for work, but they were shocked to hear it. He was always so cheerful, even after walking to work in all sorts of weather! The ladies reached out to their local volunteer fire department, who wanted to help!

They donated enough money for Jaron to pick out his very own bike! Now, he won’t have to walk or ask for rides – all thanks to his positive attitude and the kindness of strangers!

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